I am pleased to welcome you to House of Bread Church here in the city of Sacramento, CA.
First and foremost, we love our city and we pray to God for its welfare.

Our church was founded in 2006 by immigrants from the former Soviet Union and various other countries of the former Soviet Republic. Today we are comprised of greater than 1,700 people, including our children, and we continue to grow and develop in the knowledge of God’s will. We believe that the Church must constantly adapt in order to best communicate the message of God in its surrounding community. For this reason, we prayerfully study the needs of our city and the uniqueness of our time in order to allocate our resources wisely in service to people.

House of Bread Church is a good soil for the development of both your calling and your gifts. We especially appreciate simplicity, sincerity, hard work and loyalty. The Apostle Paul teaches that we get joined to the Body, “as each part does its work ” (Eph 4:16). You can also think of the church as a hospital that consists of two categories of people: doctors and patients. People come with needs, but stay for the sake of their calling. That is why we strive to take care of the needs of those who come and provide them with a place in ministry.

Given the nature of our church community we use both the English and Russian languages. This opens up a host of new possibilities. Many of the families visiting House of Bread are second and even third generation immigrants. For this reason, in January 2016 we opened an English branch of House of Bread Church. Now you, your children, and anyone else can choose what serves you best.

If you live in Sacramento, I invite you into our family, where we have a place for everyone. If you are our guest, we have good news for you. You can find our sermons on social media and mobile app. Remember, we are always connected and you are always a part of House of Bread Church!

Sincerely, Pastor Eduard and Anna Kislyanka